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Volucrine are a Finnish Alternative Metal band combining a myriad of different musical genres and elements into an uncompromising and distinctive entity. Founded in 2009 in Kouvola, the band has built their foundation on technical riffs and pounding rhythms adorned with multicolored vocal arrangements. A dynamic dialogue between aggressive and clean vocal parts emphasize the emotions behind the relatable lyrics and themes in Volucrine's songs.

After three full-length albums, two EP's, and a long pandemic period, Volucrine's gaze is set firmly on the future. A new album is set for 2023, and multiple singles will be released at regular intervals during the summer and fall of 2022. For a band accustomed to taking influences from rock and pop music as well, the new material will be a clear return to a heavier metal sound. The songs themselves are painted with deep contrasts, and take advantage of the lowest tunings, the most engaging subjects, and the heaviest riffs in the band’s history


Jupe Velin - Vocals

Antti Heikkilä - Guitars

Joni Kyynäräinen - Bass

Jani  Aalto - Drums


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